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List Genius Review



Holy Grail of Internet Marketing, but dammit it’s just not that easy is it?  

I mean if it really was that easy everybody would be doing it, and we’d all be lying around on the beach catching some rays while our List of Hungry Subscribers funded our extravagant lifestyle!

Every once in a while someone creates something that is a game changer. Not because it is flashy or shiny but because it truly is a complete “Done For You” service that will instantly take you to Pro Level.


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List Genius


Rob Ainge

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Highly Recommended

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 List Genius is the complete solution that takes the headache and the worry out f getting subscribers and then looking after your list so you can set it and forget it, with List Genius there is no more struggling and worrying about getting it wrong. And also with List Genius you will get everything you need, a bonus lead magnet  to help you draw in subscribers from every corner plus a 6 month worth of affiliate and giveaway emails that will keep those subscribers engaged and stick to your list like a gum, hungry and begging for more  


FRONT END: $9.95

The main product is a complete suite of 6 months worth of pre-written, affiliate emails ready to be plugged in to any autoresponder service.  Shareable campaign codes are also provided. All promoted products are evergreen and are from reputable sellers.  Subscribers are also treated to a quality bonus product every single week, giving them fantastic value. Bonuses including a list building lead magnet are also provided.

OTO 1: $99 Lifetime, $89 Year or $19.95/month

This is a membership program where every month subscribers receive 4 weeks of pre-written emails, including crush campaigns, promoting the latest quality launches.  Shareable campaign codes to professionally crafted html emails are also provided. The new Lifetime option will be killer @ $99

OTO 2: $149

.Complete done for you service, including creating a lead magnet and setting up the email campaigns.


you are the one in charge.  You are the one who is sending out emails every day on autopilot.  Imagine your name appearing every day in someone else’s inbox for a change!  Think about how good it is going to feel when you finally start to see commissions coming in, and how much respect you will have from your peers when you are a bona fide Affilate Marketer. 

But you know what?  You could do all of this yourself if you wanted to.  You could go out and take a course in how to write great email copy.  Then you could spend hours looking for great, quality affiliate products to promote and then you could check that they actually do provide great value to your subscribers.  Then you could sit down and write over 150 emails promoting those products.  When you’ve finished doing all of that you could create or find 26 bonus quality products to give away to your subscribers each and every week.  Oh, and then you could set up 26 web pages to deliver those awesome bonuses  OR  you could just grab all of that, already completely done for you, for just one insanely low price that is just a tiny, tiny fraction of that. Which is List Genius.


As if all of that wasn’t enough, check out these amazing bonuses that you are going to get instant access to for free!  

Yes that’s right – For FREE!

As a special added bonus you will receive these extra awesome, free List Building Tools to help you drive traffic and build up that list of hungry subscribers. 

These awesome products will be available for you to download instantly when you join. 

List Building Bonus #1

List Genius Review

A Beautiful eBook You Can Give Away As A Lead Magnet To Build Your List Of Subscribers

You can give away this Jam Packed eBook in exchange for your new subscriber’s email address!   Then for the next 6 months they will automatically get the money making emails you set up in List Genius.  It really couldn’t be easier!

Every New Subscriber = Potential Profit!

I’ve Really Tried To Make This As Easy As Possible For You To Supercharge Your List Building!

Some of the Benefits:

  • You don’t even need a website to set this up and start capturing subscribers!

  • Your new subscribers will receive the report instantly

  • Professional 9 Page PDF with great content to keep your subscribers happy

  • Use the content to boost your own Facebook marketing efforts

List Building Bonus #2

List genius Review

Traffic is the lifeblood of every profitable Internet business and WITHOUT it your beautiful looking website will be lost in a Sea of Mediocrity!

Viral Traffic Ninja is a Simple Automated Traffic System You Can Use To Get UNLIMITED Visitors For FREE! This WordPress Plugin offers your visitors a reward for telling others about your blog, website or offer… and they do all the work for you!   

Viral Traffic Ninja Forces Your Offer To Go Viral!

It’s Fast, It’s Easy And Most Importantly… 

This Method Can Drive Unlimited Traffic To Your Site!

Some of the Benefits:

  • Simple to install and use

  • Fully automated WordPress plugin

  • Just a few minutes of set up and you are ready to go

  • Uses cookies and IP addresses to prevent cheating

  • Start generating viral traffic with no effort on your part

  • Enjoy a hands-off approach to instant and passive traffic forever

  • Automatically build a massive list by ‘legally’ bribing your visitors

List Building Bonus #3

The Exploding TikTok Social Media Platform With Over 500 Million Users Is A Huge Untapped Resource!

The TikTok social media platform has seen explosive growth over the last two years, and continues to grow at a crazy rate!  

TikTok now is like Facebook was in the early 2000s!

Imagine If You Were Able To Jump On Board Facebook In The Early Days And Take Advantage Of The Insane Growth?  Well Now’s Your Chance To Get In Early With TikTok!

It’s 500 million users are highly engaged and desperate for fun and exciting content and this is a massive opportunity for you to promote your business.

With this eBook you will learn everything that you need to know to use the TikTok platform to market your business successfully.

You Will Learn:

  • How to use the TikTok platform to market your business successfully

  • About businesses and organizations that have already leveraged the TikTok platform to get the word out

  • Engaging with your audience on TikTok

  • How to create viral videos and grow your TikTok account

  • Understanding the platform and how the users interact with each other


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