I would like to present you exactly what Socibot does and how it creates automated social traffic and sales for you all on social media, without you doing anything manually. Now, using this software, you can find your potential customers explode your sales, increase your website, traffic, and increase your brand awareness as well. On both Instagram and Facebook with Socibot, you can discover leads who have engaged with your Instagram and Facebook, organic posts and ads. It also allows you to recover leads that you have on your previous Instagram or Facebook post plus, you can re target them with promotional content on both Instagram and Facebook. 

How You can Run Social Contest

The big feature within Socibot is the ability to run social contest, doing so will allow you to harness the power of your fan pages and Instagram account to generate raving fans and new leads all the time. 

First, you can go into Facebook and then click on social contests where you can then create a new content. Creating a contest is easy. You can design and set it up. ,the above image is an example of contests  and this is what it looks like inside of Facebook. So people have to comment hashtag as theme to when exclusive health and beauty WordPress team, where it’s $69. And when they do here’s what happens? Our fan page automatically communicates with them, giving them an offer that they can claim.  So this is just like a simple message from a fan page to a prospect. When people click on claim offer, you can then either give them the offer right away. Or you can ask them to fill a survey or a quiz that will help you better understand your audience using this. You will be able to essentially get useful data from your audience and know exactly what is it that they like and things that they don’t like, which is something you can use in your marketing further down the line. And now of course, you have this person as a lead and you can communicate with them why your fan page as well with complete automation using Socibot. So as you can see running this kind of contest in the back end allows you to generate leads on autopilot and engage them as well with pre selected workflows and the same process applies to instagram

You can run social contests on Instagram as well. And as soon as someone comments, for example, in this case, they can win exclusive health and beauty WordPress team. We’re at $69 just like before. When someone comments, you can automatically reply to them with a previously built message and then they can keep on engaging. They can type 1 to preview and 2 to download, and they can get further messages from you as well, right? Within their accounts. This way you’re able to collect more leads in your Instagram account as well. And you can communicate with them further using the power of Socibot, social content, such as this will allow you to not just collect new leads, but also make sales by presenting the right kind of offers to the right kind of audience. And remember the more comments, more messages you get, the more viral, your Periscope as well

How You Can Recover Old Leads

If you want to create list for example from your previous purchases which you have 3 likes and 34 comments in total, what you can do is you can import contacts which have liked the post so you choose how many contacts you want to import start input, and you’d be able to input all the contacts that have liked the post. Then you can also import contacts based on those that have commented. So when you do that, as you can see, you start to input, straightforward process, takes a few seconds, and now you have total 18 contacts that you can now message and communicate with in Instagram.

How You Can Run Your Instagram Posts as Stories

The next big feature of Socibot is the ability to do one of your Instagram posts as story. So when you make an Instagram post, it helps to boost it as a story. Typically, you would have to do this manually, but using Socibot, you can automate this.

So when you make an Instagram post, it helps to boost it as a story. Typically, you would have to do this manually, but using Socibot, you can automate this. You don’t have to do it from your phone. You can automate it and you can add targeted keywords to these stories as well. So you can search for popular hashtags using our tool, and then you can copy the ones that you would like to use, and you can paste them on the top left. And now you’re able to run your Instagram posts as stories. So, and remember stories just like they do on Facebook, get different kinds of visibility as well. And whatever visibility you can get on your content is good. So click on create story and as you can see, we’re done, then you can check it out. This exactly is what your story looks like. And of course, if people want to, they can click and see the actual person associated with this story as well. So as you can tell, one of the really cool features here is the ability to maximize your content, to get you more eyeballs and more traffic through whatever it is you’re doing.

How You Can Discover And Automate

Then another cool feature within social bot is the ability to discover and automate Now here’s exactly what I mean. If you go to the discover module, you will see that we have some posts that we have made an offhand page. And what you can do with that is you can scan all those posts and you can figure it out exactly what kind of engagement these posts are getting., this is one of the posts that we found. Then you can edit automations within this and you can change the responses that you give to people based on what they comment. So if they comment back one, you can give them a different response. If they comment something else, you can give them a different response. So if you’re running a survey kind of post, you can target people and give them the kind of messages that are more relevant to them. And based on what the type, you will be able to give them a response. That’s great, perfectly targeted to them. And as you can see, it can happen within 10 seconds.

Segments And Dm Lead

The next feature is the ability to segment and direct message leads.This can work in both Instagram and Facebook. So let’s go ahead and check out our audience for this particular post. You can see these are audiences, we can also create lists out of these audiences. So in this case, we’re going to select all of them and create a new lesson. This could be, for example, contest, parted, sipping lists from Instagram, and you can now message them using Socibot right from within Instagram. So if you go to send messages, you can see that we have a message builder right over here. You can click on, create new and you can select the list you want to message. And then when you do, you will be able to reach out to them.

Levrage Groups

Then another cool feature is the ability to leverage groups inside of Socibot. It allows you to search for top rated or regular groups inside of Facebook based on niches. So you select the niche that you want to target, and it brings out all the groups of that. You can join both private and public. You can check out the group and you can join that group. And when you do so, you can also publish your giveaway in there. Before you do this I do recommend to proceed cautiously and not spam the group to that offer value, make sure that you’re also encouraging people to leave some value behind for that particular group as well. But when you do this you’ll be able to get more and more visitors back to your page using Socibot. Thanks if you have any questions you can reach out to Socibot support desk: 

Robert Emi @ SKype 

Dragan Plushkovski @ Facebook

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